J. Willis Sayre Photographic Collection, University of Washington – now online

Dear ATDS Members,

Attached please find a press release (SayreProjectPressRelease) from Special Collections at the University of Washington Libraries.  The university is in the midst of a large-scale digitization project that will make the J. Willis Sayre Photographic Collection documenting the performing arts in the United States from the late 1800s to the 1950s available online.  The press release notes that the collection is especially rich in photographs of vaudeville performers.  Needless to say, many ATDS members will find this a very valuable resource.   

The University of Washington’s Elizabeth Russell shared the following bits with me:  

The digitized photographs in the Sayre Collection as they currently appear.  Once the digitization project is complete, the scans will be of a much higher quality:http://content.lib.washington.edu/sayrepublicweb/index.html

 The 19th Century Actors and Theatre Photographs are also a useful resource:  http://content.lib.washington.edu/19thcenturyactorsweb/index.html
Thank you to the University of Washington for making these materials available to researchers.

Mark Cosdon
President, American Theatre and Drama Society


About Sarah Bay-Cheng

Professor of Theater at Bowdoin College. Co-host for the On TAP (Theatre and Performance Studies) podcast at www.ontappod.com. Editor for the book series Avant-Gardes in Performance (Palgrave). Sporadically blogging about theatre, performance, and digital culture. twitter: @performaddict
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