CFP: Song, Stage, and Screen

Song, Stage and Screen VII: The Musical’s Global Conquest



2-5 JULY 2012

The New York Times has frequently reported on the increasingly global musical theatre community. Broadway flops are finding success in Europe and China’s economic power is stimulating a musical theatre industry aspiring to enter the global market. This conference invites papers investigating the range of global contexts within which stage and film musicals are created, circulated and consumed. While much growth has occurred in recent decades, musicals have been circulated transnationally for more than a century, and forms such as the American musical developed out of a range of cultural influences. Stage and screen musicals also make the global local, with, for example, Rodgers and Hammerstein choosing foreign settings for their stage musicals, culturally-specific narratives becoming global commodities (Les MisérablesBilly Elliot), and Bollywood films bringing exotic locations to domestic film audiences. Globalization is also a story musicals tell, as demonstrated by one of Broadway’s newest musicals, Once, about an Irish musician and a Czech immigrant. With the explosion of media technologies offering ever more platforms and dimensions, musical theatre and film find new expression and distribution, shrinking the global stage onto our cellphones, laptops and Ipads.

Paper topics might include, but are not limited to:

-The American stage and screen musical abroad

-Studies of developing or established domestic musical theatre and film industries

-Intercultural engagement within musical narratives

-International collaborations by musical creators and producers

-American appropriation of foreign styles and narratives

-The global training and circulation of performers 

-Domestic reception of foreign musical theatre and films

-The colonial and post-colonial musical

-The musical and national identity

-The global musical marketplace

-Technology’s role in the globalization of the musical

Proposals for twenty-minute papers or other presentation formats should be submitted electronically for blind peer review by Monday 12 March 2012 Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and sent as a Word attachment. For queries, please contact conference organizer, Laura MacDonald,

 Song, Stage and Screen is the annual conference of the academic journal, Studies in Musical Theatre, which is published by Intellect Press. Previous Song, Stage and Screen conferences have been held at the University of Portsmouth, UK (2006), University of Leeds, UK (2007), the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (2008), University of Maryland, College Park (2009), University of Winchester, UK (2010) and University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance (2011). It is expected that a selection of papers from this conference will be invited for submission to the journal.


About Sarah Bay-Cheng

Professor of Theater at Bowdoin College. Co-host for the On TAP (Theatre and Performance Studies) podcast at Editor for the book series Avant-Gardes in Performance (Palgrave). Sporadically blogging about theatre, performance, and digital culture. twitter: @performaddict
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