CFP – American Popular Entertainments (ATHE)

ATHE Conference 2012
August 25,
Washington, D.C.

ATDS @ 25: Looking Forward, Looking Back
To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the American Theatre and Drama Society plans to present a set of coordinated panels, designed to chart the chronological, topical, and historiographic progression of our discipline.

I am inviting proposals for a panel on American Popular Entertainments. Specifically, I am looking for papers that address change in American popular entertainment forms over time.  Concepts in keeping with this theme might include mutation, adaptation, influence, fusion, and censorship, among others.
Any form of American popular entertainment throughout history is welcome.  Proposals fulfilling the call might address:
•       the mutation of a form over a period of time due to cultural, economic, or theatrical changes
•       the influence of one form on another in the accommodation of changes in the leisure habits of Americans
•       the ways one entertainer or company adapted to changing conditions
•       how changing social mores and laws affected an entertainment form
•       how understanding of popular forms have developed based on changing scholarship and attention
The subtitle of the panel will be created once a set of compelling, complementary proposals are chosen.

Proposals should be no more than 250 words and should be submitted to me at BY OCTOBER 15. Abstracts must include paper title and contact
information and must specify any AV needs. ATHE does not accept individual paper submissions –DO NOT submit your individual proposal on the ATHE website. Proposers will be notified of inclusion in the session proposed to ATHE by Oct. 23 but please note that preliminary acceptance of inclusion does not guarantee acceptance by the ATHE Conference Committee. ATHE will notify ATDS concerning accepted or rejected panels by late February.

About the American Theatre and Drama Society: The American Theatre and Drama Society (ATDS) is an incorporated organization dedicated to the study of United States theatre and drama, its varied histories, traditions, literatures, and performances within its cultural contexts. ATDS also encourages the evolving debate exploring national identities and experiences through research, pedagogy, and practice. ATDS recognizes that notions of America and the US encompass migrations of peoples and cultures that overlap and influence one another. To this end, ATDS welcomes scholars, teachers, and practitioners world-wide. For more information, please visit the ATDS website at

Susan Kattwinkel, PhD
ATDS Conference Planner – 2012


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